Art is important

Art is important, because is the only thing than can be critical with reality in an organic way.

This meaning that whenever you are in front of a piece of truly art, you are not just plainly reading someone else’s opinion or interpretation, but you are forced to work out your own understanding of the fact, both the artistic object and the reality that it refers to.

You are put to the question, and it is your responsibility alone to give an answer to it, or remain in ignorance.

Art is intrinsically a dialog, and it dies in the emptiness of silence.

It’s Time To Break Out Of Your Shell

This video is perform by Harry Shum, Jr., that, as told by the narrator in the video, “was very very shy as a kid”. Through this visually shocking footage, he will try to make us understand why you shouldn’t be afraid of breaking up with that shyness that contains you.

Source: Elite Daily